Apr 2

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Lori Stahlbrand becomes a Fellow of the OHI

by Heather Jewell

On March 22nd, our very own Lori Stahlbrand became a Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute (OHI), along with 9 other individuals. According to the OHI, becoming a fellow is in recognition of an individual’s professional achievements and dedication to the culinary, food and hospitality industry. Congratulations, Lori!

Lori Stahlbrand becoming an Ontario Hostelry Institute Fellow

Lori Stahlbrand becoming a Fellow of the Ontario Hostelry Institute with Charles Grieco

The Lifetime Achievement OHI Gold Award was awarded to John Walker, Dean of the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts at George Brown College, while the Chairman’s OHI Gold Award went to Anita Stewart, noted food journalist, author and culinary activist.

Another Gold Award winner we’re very proud of is one of our committed partners, Frederic Geisweiller of Le Select Bistro, who won the Independent Restaurateur Gold Award (as well, the Executive Sous-Chef at Le Select Bistro is one of OHI’s Top 30 under 30). Congratulations, Frederic!

A new award announced this year is the Artisan Gold Award. This award is to honour those who have “devoted a minimum of five years to developing and producing a consumable food product of the highest quality.” While this year’s award was presented to Stephanie Purdy of Purdy Fisheries Ltd., we hope to see a Certified Local Sustainable processor receive this award one day.

The theme of the evening was Giving Back by Investing in the Future. While this theme highlights the OHI’s investment in the industry through scholarships and support of their TOP 30 under 30, I thought it fitting for Lori’s induction.

All of LFP’s work is an investment in the future.

We are investing in an environmentally sound future by encouraging farmers to reduce their pesticide use, protect and enhance wildlife habitat, and use sustainable growing methods. As well, when we reduce the distance food travels, it cuts greenhouse gases.

We are also investing in communities’ futures. We want farmers to continue farming and we want people to be able to continue to eat food grown in their area, not half way around the world. By using environmentally sustainable growing methods, farmers will continue to be able to grow on their land for years to come. As well, through your support and the support of our committed partners, they will also be able to sell their goods at a fair price well into the future.

This will not happen overnight, but we are committed to making the future of local farming and eating sustainable.